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  • University Obituary and Sympathy Policy

    Ahead of the start of the Fall Semester, USI employees are encouraged to review policies from the University of Southern Indiana Employee Handbook. Below is information on the Obituary and Sympathy Policy.

    "USI Foundation monitors obituaries and alerts appropriate departments.

    When a retiree or spouse/child of a retiree dies and upon publication of a public obituary, USI Foundation will send an email to retirees, leadership within the retiree’s former department and Human Resources.

    When a current employee or student dies and upon publication of a public obituary, University Marketing and Communications will send an email notification to the entire University.

    Upon the death of an employee’s immediate family member (parent, spouse, child) and after consulting the employee to determine her/his wishes, it is up to the discretion of leadership within the employee’s department to disperse the information. This may include notification to the entire department and/or those departments with close working relationships. Department leaders are requested to email the “Death of Family Member” Outlook group, which will alert members of the administration, USI Foundation and Human Resources. The notification email should include a link to the public obituary and relationship of the deceased to the employee.

    The administration/department leadership will seek to express a timely form of sympathy from the University via a telephone call to the family or a representative from the University attending the visitation or funeral, offering personal condolences to families.

    The USI Foundation will order flowers or a plant to be sent to the family.

    At an appropriate time, the Registrar’s Office will send a letter to the family of a deceased student stating the University will close the student's file.

    See associated Bereavement Policy, D.8, of the University handbook."

  • New hires, promotions and retirements through July 9

    New Hires/Rehires

    Heather Southworth
    Administrative Associate/Dean of Students

    Laura Acchiardo
    Adult Learner Support Specialist/Center for Adult Learner Success/Office of the Provost

    Jennifer Burker
    Adult Learner Support Specialist/Center for Adult Learner Success/Office of the Provost

    Kristie Byrnes
    Director/Center for Adult Learner Success/Office of the Provost

    Nicole Glover
    Adult Learner Intake Specialist/Center for Adult Learner Success/Office of the Provost

    Robert Lehman
    Adult Learner Intake Specialist/Center for Adult Learner Success/Office of the Provost

    Kristen Paige Rogers
    Marketing Manager/Center for Adult Learner Success/Office of the Provost

    Rebecca Stone
    Area Coordinator/Housing and Residence Life

    Courtney Woehler
    Adult Learner Intake Specialist/Center for Adult Learner Success/Office of the Provost

    Matthew Zumwalt
    Area Coordinator/Housing and Residence Life

    Promotions/Transfers and Reclassifications

    Sarah Bengert
    Senior Administrative Assistant/College of Liberal Arts
    Previously: Administrative Assistant/College of Liberal Arts

    Shelly Blunt
    Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, Professor of Chemistry, Deputy Title IX Coordinator/Office of the Provost
    Previously: Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Deputy Title IX Coordinator/Office of the Provost

    Mark Logel
    Director/Risk Management
    Interim Director/Risk Management

    Jeff Sponn
    Previously: Interim Director/Procurement

    Jacob Hansen
    Academic Advisor/Pott College Advising and Resource Center
    Previously: Assistant Director/Undergraduate Admissions

    Ziporah Rascoe
    Administrative Associate/Enrollment Services
    Senior Administrative Assistant/Occupational Therapy Assistant Program


    Michael Adcock
    Library Computer Services Administrator/Academic Technology Services

    Larry Back
    Senior Applications Administrator/Information Technology

    Patricia Beagle
    Advisor and Coordinator of Special Populations/University Division

    Leisa Belleau
    Instructor in English/College of Liberal Arts

    Mary Drury
    Network Manager/Information Technology

    David Enzler
    Director/Recreation, Fitness and Wellness

    Dianne Grayson
    Assistant Director for Collections and Resource Management & Contract Associate Professor of Library Science/David L. Rice Library

    Joyce Gulley
    Professor of Education/Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education

    John Casey Harison
    Professor of History, Director of Center for Communal Studies/College of Liberal Arts

    Keietsu Nishimura
    Prinicipal of Southern Indiana Japanese School/Lifelong Learning

    Iris Philips
    Professor of Social Work/College of Liberal Arts

    Paul Raymond
    Associate Professor of Political Science & Acting Chair of Political Science, Public Administration and Philosophy/College of Liberal Arts

    Jong Rhim
    Professor of Finance/Romain College of Business

  • Internal department name changes

    Earlier this year, Student Development Programs folded its orientation programs into a new unit called the New Student and Transitional Programs. This change brings the orientation programs held for new and transitional students, as well as specific programs for students' parents and guardians, under the new name.

    Effective July 2021, The Counseling Center will be renamed Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). The name change projects meaningfully the full scope of services the department offers and is a name that will be easier to recognize by students. 

    Also effective July 2021, Student Development Programs will be renamed to Center for Campus Life. Department members believe this name will project meaningful involvement, vibrant engagement and inclusive community development to new and returning students at USI. The name also bridges the gap between the Dean of Students Office and the former Student Development Programs.

  • New Campus Cats program to control feral cat campus population

    The following letter regarding the new Campus Cats program on campus is being sent to USI students. USI faculty and staff will not receive a physical letter but can find the full statement below.    

    "USI is implementing a pilot TNR program for the feral cat colonies on campus. TNR stands for “trap, neuter, release.” The feral cats will be humanely trapped, spayed/neutered, given basic shots (rabies, etc.) and released back onto campus. This will prevent the colonies from overpopulation and cut down on disease and other health issues.

    The Dean of Students Office and Student Development Programs is overseeing this program called Campus Cats, which is run by students and USI employees in cooperation with Feline Fix, a local non-profit group that helps feral cats. The Vanderburgh Humane Society is also volunteering their humane traps and several community members volunteered to help with trapping, transporting and other needed tasks. If you would like to be involved in these efforts, please email We are happy to have more volunteers.

    No one is to trap cats on campus if they are not part of this sanctioned program.

    For the program to work as intended to trap the cats, they must be on a regular schedule and enticed to come to particular locations. Therefore, we are establishing set feeding locations for the cats. The feral cats will be fed at three locations: 1) near the security hut/lamppost at the back of Lot A, 2) near the dumpsters behind McNutt apartments and 3) along the wooded side of the Honors apartments. A TNR volunteer will set out food for the cats every day around at 7:30 p.m. this summer, shifting with the daylight to around 5 p.m. in the winter.

    Do not interfere with these feeding locations. Please do not remove the cat bowls, disturb the food or scare the cats from these locations. Some of these locations may include winter shelters set up for the cats. These shelters need to remain in place. On trapping days, the traps will be set near these feeding locations. Do not tamper with these humane traps in any way.

    Cats that have been TNR’ed will also receive an ear clip so they can be identified at a distance as already spayed/neutered.

    If you have questions, please contact the Dean of Students and Student Development Programs ("

  • Submit faculty/staff achievements

    University Communications would like to remind USI faculty and staff to submit their achievements via this online submission form. These achievements will be published on the USI Today webpage and shared periodically in USI Today emails.

    Examples of faculty and staff achievements include, but are not limited to:

    • Published works
    • Presentations (individual or as a panelist)
    • Awards and recognitions
    • Leadership roles outside of the University

    University Communications would love to share your accomplishment. Please do not hesitate to share the great work you’ve been doing!

    Please include your name, job title, contact information, a description of the achievement and the date on which it occurred.

    Submit an achievement

  • Faculty and staff encouraged to share student summer projects

    USI faculty and staff: University Communications wants to know what interesting projects your students are working on in summer courses to share in USI Today emails and on social media!

    Are you assigning students a project impacting the USI and/or Evansville communities? Is there an assignment students are working on that requires high attention to detail? Are students physically building or adapting items for an assignment? Whether it be one of the preceding projects or anything related or in between, we would love to highlight how you're keeping students engaged during First and Second Summer. 

    If interested, please email your name, title, name of the course in which the assignment is assigned, a short description (three to four sentences) of the assignment and any photos you may have of students completing the assignment to USI Today at Submissions can be from either summer term.

    Email a submission

  • Office Curiosities search

    Do you have an interesting collection you keep in your office? Do you save up fun letters or items from past classes that you display proudly? Are there stories in your office décor to share? USI Today is looking for fascinating and unique items from offices across campus to share in future issues of the newsletter. 

    If you have an interesting artifact or collection you'd like to talk about, please reach out to us! You can email or Trista Lutgring, Internal Communications Specialist, at 

  • Summer 2021 Lifelong Learning Catalog available

    See the latest in-person and online offerings to meet your needs in professional development, software skills and more in Outreach and Engagement's Summer 2021 Lifelong Learning Catalog. 

    Summer 2021 Lifelong Learning Catalog (PDF)

    Lifelong Learning website

  • Become a Screagles Mentor

    USI alumni looking at options to help students are encouraged to think about becoming a Screagles Mentor. Through the Screagles Mentoring Program, alumni can provide guidance and support to students by interacting with them, exchanging ideas and sharing their experiences and knowledge of career paths. 

    Mentors may be contacted by current students to serve as a one-time resource for topics such as exploring majors, resume reviews and interview questions or to provide long-term career and professional advice and activities. Mentors serve as role models and leaders as they help students reach their career goals. 

    To learn more about the program or to become a mentor, visit the Screagles Mentoring Program homepage. If you have questions, reach out to Janet Johnson, Director of Alumni Relations and Volunteer USI, at 812-464-1924 or

  • Submit a story to USI Today

    Many of us see interesting, inspiring and important things happening every day at USI. Whether it's a unique collaboration, showcasing Screagle Pride, an uplifting co-worker or an event with a big impact (and the list goes on)—if it's something you're talking about, chances are other employees would love to know about it too! 

    Please send your story ideas to USI Today.

    USI Today logo

  • Best practices for a secure Zoom experience

    The University's Information Technology Department asks all faculty and staff members who host meetings (events, classes, etc.) via Zoom to review the following best practices for a secure experience: 

    • Do not share your meeting link on social media or any public forum. Posting it to Blackboard or within your group in Teams is fine, that is a protected space, but forward-facing media is not private or protected and anyone can get to that link.

    • Avoid using your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) in public events. The PMI is basically one continuous meeting, and if someone has access to that, they can join any Zoom session you host. For University courses, use your PMI. But, if you are going to post the Meeting ID on a front-facing website, always choose to “automatically generate” your Meeting ID. This way it is a random number and not your personal Meeting ID shared publicly.

    • Allow only signed-in users to join. Please view Zoom’s Authentication Profiles for meetings and webinars page. When you set up your meeting, if you are only inviting USI students and not any outside guests, you can choose the option to allow only authenticated users to join. They must sign into Zoom (see screenshot of the Meeting Options to check). This means they must have a registered Zoom account and login to it to join.

    • You can lock the meeting. However, if a student/participant gets “kicked out” (loses connection) during a meeting once it is locked, they cannot be readmitted.

    • You can remove unwanted participants and prevent them from rejoining. You can also use the settings features in the participants list (see screenshot).

    • Prevent participants from screen sharing. The University’s default setting in our global Zoom account has been set so that the host is the only one who can share. This is a precaution taken to ensure that the host controls screen sharing control.

      • It’s best to limit this to those who you know need to share their screen. To do this, the best practice is to make each one of those individuals a co-host (you can have unlimited co-hosts). This way each person that needs screen-sharing power has the ability, and you have full awareness of who has the power.

    • There are two ways to control who has admittance to your meetings. You can enable the Waiting Room and/or set a passcode.

      • By enabling the Waiting Room, you must admit each participant. You can also customize the Waiting Room by choosing to admit participants on a case-by-case basis or admit them all at once.

      • You can also set a passcode for your meeting for an extra layer of protection, but keep in mind that you will need to make sure you remind your students/meeting participants of the password if one is set. USI has enabled the feature that embeds the passcode into the web link, so that students can pass right into the class if need be, but anyone that only has the meeting ID and no passcode will not be able to join.

  • #ScreaglePride far and wide

    Katelyn, Alexa and Brett Bueltel pose with Archie at the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival
    Where have you shown your #ScreaglePride lately? 

    Whether it's at a restaurant, a child's activity or in a new city, USI Today wants to see where you're sporting your Screaming Eagles spirit wear! 

    To participate, email your photo to

    Please include: 

    • Your name
    • Names/titles of anyone else in the photo
    • Where you are
    • What you're doing


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